How I see politics ?


My interest in the world of politics started in my 2nd grade in High school. I was researching about the opinions on the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( as my country experienced a horrible war 25 years ago.). As I heard some of these opinions, which were mostly the opinions of professionals, I was frightened. I began to see how politics affects every one of us. I started thinking about this every day, about how the future will be, what kind of Bosnia will I leave to my children, and how will I live. After that, my interest in politics was bigger and bigger, so I decided to study Political Sciences, were I am now. Still. I believe in a better Bosnia and Herzegovina, with  good life and freedom. Some people think and would say that this is naive.

I see myself as centre-right. I am supportive of free-markets, secularism, high religious rights, tradition, integration, globalisation, solidarity and protection of privacy. I also see Bosnia and Herzegovina built on these principles. I strongly oppose military intervention, totalitarianism, invasion of privacy, war, imposition and  fascism. I am also a strong anti-communist ( which also means anti-socialist). The party I mostly identify within Europe are the British Conservatives or Tories.

I see politics as a social phenomena which can give the best and worst things to people. It contains every human action, from the most evil to the most noble ones. People often think that politics have to be moral and ethical, but that is a big lie I refuse to believe. Politics is never moral or ethical, it represents the playing with the fate of people. People associate politics with lies, blood and suffering, but with good, educated and moral people, politics can give a lot of good things, which is seen in countries like Canada, Germany, Switzerland and many others.

I know there will be a lot of people who will disagree with me, but for politics and democracy that’s normal, and even better for a healthy society .


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