Money and Football ( or Soccer), and things that are ruining it


All of you who are passionate lovers of football, who can’t go on a coffee without talking about last nights match, who watch every football analysis or are even such football fanatics, that you go on every match of your team, surely know that know, money has the most influence in football.

This big influence in football has two sides. One is that stadiums are getting better and more comfortable for the fans, technology helps the game get more fair, more and more people get to watch football over TV, sport equipment and the security on the stadiums is better. Stadium security is especially important because  of the tragedies in the were thousands of fans died, because of low security. This is why it is important that a certain amount of money stays in football.

The negative side is the unreal salaries of players, unreal transfer money, plastic players, plastic fans, too high ticket prices, laundry of money and buying to be a host of the  World Cup, which is all adding up to the lost of interest in the sport. In a way football is losing its culture and fun, as it is showing that only the rich can be succesful in it. It becomes some kind of predictive, as you always see the same teams battle it out for the Ligue or Champions League trophy. Too high ticket prices makes it hard for the fans, as they can’t attend the matches. Unreal salaries and transfer of players, in my opinion produced, low quality players, who are only there for the money. When it comes to unreal salaries, you could compare the salary of a doctor, who saves lives, and a footballer who kicks the ball, and you will se how far money has gotten into football.

Thing that are now ruining football are for example internet experts, where people fully anonymously tell their opinion as if they were Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola, and most of them havent touched a ball in their life.

Dont get me wrong, I love football and I am watching it daily. but some thing simply dont belong in it.



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