My generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the generation born in the year 1995

Hello once again

Today my text will be about the problems, the future and the characteristics of my generation, which is born in 1995, or in other words, the generation born at the end of the war. It is interesting to talk about this topic as we are 21/22 years old now, and most of the elders are seeing as the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Most of us were born during the last months of war or even when the in the months the peace negotiations were held ( October / November) so that explains the first burden of our generation. Most of our parents, grandparents, sister or brothers were affected by it in a way ( have PTSD, lost it all or got killed). This is a great burden to us as the war changes or perspective on other ethnic groups, religions, communist regime of Yugoslavia and the whole word. It changes the ways we approach these things.

The characteristics: When someone would ask me to describe our generation in one word I would say that it is pluralistic and that you can find a lot of different people. You have artists, book-worms, rebels, douchebags, intellectuals and so on. On the political side you have rightist, leftist, Islamists, liberals, communist, social democrats and so on. This also very depends on the war and the opinions about Yugoslavia. There are the more open ones and the more conservative ones or the ones who love Bosnia and see its future in it and the ones who don’t like it and only want to go away to the West. I would also say that we are very spoiled, because we have more opportunities, better technology and didn’t have to fight like our parents. We don’t see education as something good, but as something boring, which is the main reason a good percent turn to criminal activities.  This makes thing complicated because most do not see thing critically, but trough emotions. We like to complain about thing a lot, but dont do anything to change them. Right now I see us as the generation that can make a better Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Problems: There are some problems that are well-known as unemployment, corruption, no practical part in the education and so on. Things that are also very common are that the war made us nationalist. A lot of my generation think that way, and don’t even want to be in the same room with a person of other ethnicity. That is also often pressured by the community. Political parties are here without plans  for the improvement of the political system or economy, and you get the picture that they use young people for their interests and not for the future. Some see the past in an idealistic naive way and some also see the present in a naive way. Young people who try to change something are often laughed at.

What does the future hold for us?

One philosopher said that the future is a mystery, and present is a gift that you should use. As someone who firmly believes that good education builds a society and a functioning state. Besides that I am in a way optimistic about our future. Here people would call you a lunatic because of these two statements. I believe that my generation can make better decisions than our elders did, and that we can make a prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina. To achieve that there has to be a harsh self-reflection on our self-sabotage and our mentality.


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